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Svicolando at Conservatorio di Musica "G. Verdi" of Milan
17.04 / 21.04.2012

SVICOLANDO is an installation, under the curatorship of Simona Romano and constructed by Luca Poncellini with graphics by Davide Fornari. A number of screens that can be combined to form a lively wall, simply made out of boxes threaded onto wooden slats will be placed inside the cloister of the "Giuseppe Verdi" Music Conservatory of Milan. The archive materials selected and printed on the boxes forming the artefact will outline the working partnership between Vico Magistretti and the companies who founded the Studio Museum dedicated to him (Artemide, De PadovaFlouOluce, Schiffini).

Some of the texts replicated on the screens

“All the drawings he [Magistretti] gave me to start manufacturing an item were packed with notes and phone numbers. It was his very simple way of living. The lamp Eclisse, which won a Compasso d’Oro, had been sketched on a note card. He didn’t use a computer to design. When an idea dawned on him, he promptly caught it on the first piece of paper within reach and often described it on the phone. He once told me: «This drawing cost me a new gear stick. I forgot to change gear to jot it down».” Ernesto Gismondi

De Padova
"Simplicity is
the hardest thing in the world" this sentence by Vico Magistretti explains very well the creative partnership that has joined the architect and Maddalena De Padova. They were always looking for simple and clean shapes, without frills, and their focus on function and utility led to the creation of some of the products that best represent Italian design in the world.

Flou is proud to have the greatest number of beds designed by Magistretti for a single company. Everything began back in 1978 with Nathalie, which had a completely new design – something that had never been seen before. On the wave of this success – which has persisted through the years – the friendship between Rosario Messina and Vico Magistretti, based on mutual respect, has become stronger. More than a design or a project, the products developed from a basic-concept: “we will have to design a bed to resolve this or that problem”.
Consequently, the bed emerged from brainstorming meetings, opinion exchanges, prototypes and market research.

For Vico Magistretti, everything began with architecture. And it was architecture, of course, that formed the basis for his partnership with Oluce. The building at number 22 of Via Conservatorio in Milan, completed in 1968 and headquarters of Oluce, provided the meeting point for Vico Magistretti and Angelo Verderi. When Verderi became the owner of Oluce in 1973, it was almost natural that Magistretti joined the company. Geometry was his longstanding travelling companion. His inspiration, always and forever, simplification. The partnership between Oluce and Magistretti lasted thirty years, thirty years over which a unique and irreplaceable story was written which gave flesh and sense to Italian design.

"Our work sessions were the most informal imaginable. Vico would listen as we shared with him our ideas and he would begin to sketch on plain white paper, following his thoughts and proceeding to a distant point far from our initial idea. Suddenly, a solution appeared, consisting in a few sketches that expressed very clearly a concept, an innovation, but never only a formal aspect. On the contrary, the form was of little importance at the beginning because the essential thing was that an innovative idea, or concept, now existed. Looking at all of the products Vico designed, instant gratification is not encountered with the form but with the innovation and intuition that characterize the product". Enrico e Carlo Schiffini

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