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Projects over the phone
03.03.2011/ 07.04.2012

The previous exhibition and pocketbook entitled Illustrated words outlined one aspect of Vico Magistretti’s work through some of his short and significant quotes.

The idea for this exhibition is also based on a quote from the architect, which has been chosen as the guiding thread linking together some brand-new archive materials and important pieces from the collection.

"I like concept design, the kind which is so clear you do not need to draw it. I have passed on plenty of my projects over the phone".

This is how the ideas underscoring some of the best-known objects designed by Vico Magistretti actually came to light: the bull’s-eye lantern for Eclisse (Artemide), the screw for the Vidun table (De Padova), the bicycle chain for the Maralunga sofa (Cassina), the fan for the Kuta lamp (Oluce), the blind for the Tadao bed(Flou), etc…

These ideas were initially given shape in the archive drawings and then fully revealed in the objects displayed in this exhibition, which best exemplify this ready-made design process.

Curated by Simona Romano
Exhibit design by Paolo Imperatori
Graphic design by Davide Fornari

Photos by Matteo Carassale

FaLang translation system by Faboba