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  1920|2020 100 years Vico Magistretti

To celebrate the centenary of the birth of Vico Magistretti, Fondazione studio museo Vico Magistretti presents a program of activities with different approaches and themes to narrate the work of the Milanese architect and designer throughout the year.

All the initiatives have a single starting point: the Studio Magistretti archive, which has been the focus of extensive work, first of inventory, then of digitalization and cataloguing. Starting in 2020, the archive can be accessed online. The portal can be defined as the first monograph, in Italian and English, on Magistretti’s work, thanks to about 400 historical-critical profiles, a complete listing of all the works, and over 30,000 digital objects (technical drawings, sketches, project descriptions, clippings from magazines and newspapers, notes).

Here are the activities for 2020:

Studio Magistretti archive online
In January 2020 Fondazione Vico Magistretti launches the new website:, as the result of work conducted on the historical archive since 2007. The portal, created thanks to the contribution of Fondazione Cariplo, puts archival sources online to narrate the professional life of Vico Magistretti, from 1946, when as a young graduate in Architecture he entered his father’s studio on Via Conservatorio, to 2006, the year of his death. The portal contains sketches, drawings, plans, project descriptions, patents, photographs, magazine articles, catalogues, and a small amount of correspondence, as well as over 400 historical-critical profiles of projects of architecture and design, implemented or not. All these materials are available for very different audiences, from expert researchers to curious design buffs, thanks to various modes of access to the contents: timeline, pathways, key words, georeferenced mapping and, obviously simple and advanced searches.

100 years of Vico Magistretti
A travelling exhibition for the network of Italian Cultural Institutes in the world.
Through drawings, plans and photographs, the exhibition retraces the 60 years of the career of Vico Magistretti: from the most famous projects to those less well known, works of architecture to products that have entered thousands of homes around the world. For the exhibition setup, the individual Italian Cultural Institutes call on local designers and architects to enhance the itinerary with different, original perspectives and interpretations in each location.
The locations for the exhibition:
ICI Cologne - opening 13.01.2020
ICI Stockholm - opening 04.02.2020
ICI New York - opening 25.02.2020
ICI Strasbourg and Metz - opening 03.03.2020 and 25.03.2020
ICI Berlin - opening 05.03.2020
ICI Prague - opening 12.03.2020
ICI Budapest - opening October 2020
ICI Washington - opening October 2020
Other sites to be defined. 

1 10 100 Vico Magistretti
The exhibition, created in the facility of the Foundation, reconfigures Vico’s studio through the arrangement of some of its original furnishings. The drawer units and cabinets contain stories, which are revealed by visitors when they open the doors and drawers, through archival materials and the words of Magistretti regarding his work, Milan, Italian Design, the profession of the architect.

Vico Magistretti (provisional title)
During Salone del Mobile 2020, Triennale Milano, in collaboration with Fondazione Vico Magistretti, presents the first major exhibition on his work, seen in its various but interrelated contexts: from architecture to design, interiors to installations. Thanks to a chronological and thematic itinerary based on original research, Magistretti’s work will be presented as an intertwining whole, conveying a sense of the breadth of his activity and thus offering an up-to-date critical interpretation, extending beyond the focus on his most famous and iconic creations.

Vico Magistretti: Stories of objects
The exhibition presents 10 products designed by Vico Magistretti, along with original sketches from the archive of Studio Magistretti. These products are reinterpreted by young photographers trained at ECAL: Calum Douglas, Philippe Fragnière, Maxime Guyon, Benoit Jeannet, Quentin Lacombe, Marvin Leuvrey, Calypso Mahieu, Nicolas Polli, Jean-Vincent Simonet, Justinas Vilutis. 

International conference on digital design archives
The starting point for the one-day program is the digital archive of Studio Magistretti: this will lead to reflections on architectural and design heritage contained in archives, in order to formulate a method for partial or total online placement with the goal of making the materials “usable,” i.e. capable of leading to further results.

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